CLM Cohorts Succeed in Central Plateau

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CLM graduates proudly show diplomas

The VFHI is proud to announce the graduation of our first Chemen Lavi Miyò (CLM) or Pathway to a Better Life cohort in February 2014. 290 out of the original 300 members graduated. This 18 month poverty alleviation program is directed by our partner Fonkoze, a microfinance institution with vast experience in rural Haiti. Nearly 3,000 women’s lives have been changed through this program.

Our second cohort of 140 members located in Gran Boukan reached its 9th of 18 months in December 2014. Some of the achievements so far include: construction of 75 houses, completion of all latrines and organization of a mobile medical clinic at a nearby public school. Early in the program, 321 goats, 125 pigs, 198 chickens and 24 turkeys were distributed to participants. As of December 2014, assets had already increased by 30%.