Education Program in Haiti

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Saint Anne school students, Thomazeau

Launched in October 2013, our education program tackles hunger and education improvement. In collaboration with Mary’s Meals, an international anti-hunger movement, we feed 14 schools in the Central Plateau. Separately, we feed 3 Vincentian schools in Port-au-Prince. Daily we feed 4,200 students from Kindergarten to High School.

Initial results of the feeding program indicate significant impact on enrollment and presence. Prior to the start of the feeding program, 30% of students would not complete the school day due to hunger. Currently, all students complete the day even though 59% come to school on an empty stomach and 47% do not have dinner at home.

Building on the current school relationship, we are assisting in a multilevel participatory school evaluation process. Each school community will create a common vision developing a School Improvement Plan defining objectives for 3-5 years. Our efforts will focus on monitoring the implementation. Additionally, Vincentian charism training will be implemented for Vincentian priest schools in Port-au-Prince.